How to choose the right SEO Software

In order to improve the visibility of your website for relevant search engine results, it is important that you implement strong on-page as well as off-page SEO techniques for your site. Online reputation management is impossible without SEO. There are many SEO professionals out there who can optimize your site but as the demand for search engine optimization is increasing we get to see that many professionals have started charging high prices for their work.

We all know that SEO takes time to show results and many professionals use this as an excuse when you question them for their poor performance. In simple words there is no way to measure the performance of a SEO professional.

In such a scenario it is better to purchase a good SEO tool for site optimization. Never make hasty decisions while purchasing the software as it is a onetime investment and it is important to buy the right tool for your requirement. This guide aims to provide information on “What to Look for When Buying a SEO Software”.


While purchasing a SEO software it is more important to focus more on the features of the software than its cost as it is a onetime investment. SEO tools come in wide range of variety. Some offer complete SEO package while some deal with specific SEO related services. So, before making a purchase, it is important that you list down the SEO services that you want to implement on your site such as link building, directory submission, content writing etc. Give preference to the software that provides all the services you require. Keep following points in mind:

The software must offer what you are looking for – SEO suites, specific SEO tools, SEO add-ons or plugins.
It should be compatible with the operating system that you are using.
It should be right for the business size that you are handling. SEO software for large enterprises is different from SEO tools for small businesses.

The software offering complete SEO package should be able to detect the flaws in the site and provide detailed analysis.

  • It should be able to carry out keyword research and also work as competitive analysis software.
  • It should be capable of performing on page optimization (i.e. optimization the site’s pages) as well as off page
  • optimization (such as link building, directory submission etc).
  • It should provide reports regarding the performance of the site.
  • It should be able to count and track the visitors to the site.
  • The tool should be able to manage PPC campaigns.

Easy of Use

The fact that you are purchasing a SEO tool indicates that you are not interested in hiring a SEO professional for the job. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the software that you purchase has an easy to use user interface. Those who are computer savvy may not bother about checking out the user interface but for others it is a must to check if they comfortable using the software or not. Ideally, a good user interface is the one on which you are able to work with little or no assistance. It should be easy to understand and operate. Give preference to tools that offer free trial period or money back in case you are not satisfied.

Help & Support

Before purchasing SEO software you must inquire about what kind of help and support is provided by the company. In case, you face any problem there should be a way to find a solution. Some companies offer help through emails, others offer 24*7 online help. There are some companies that offer lifetime help and support while some offer assistance only for a limited period after the purchase. You will have to decide which option is best for you.


SEO software helps in improving the visibility of the site. Once the site is optimized it can be easily picked up and displayed in search engine results. If selected properly, a SEO software can help you create a very effective Internet Marketing campaign. The right software will prove to be very useful in the long run therefore it is important to be clear about your requirement before purchasing the software. A good SEO tool can convert your site into a magnet that can easily attract targeted customers and you will not have to try too hard to convince others to invest in our products and services.