7 Tips for Top SEO Rankings

Search engine optimization- SEO is a set of activities that are performed with the aim of making a website rank well in search engine listings. Whether you have a small business or large, you must get your website optimized to drive traffic and boost business. This article discusses 7 tips for attaining top SEO rankings.

1. The first thing while developing a website is to follow the guidelines relating Search Engine Optimization- SEO and it should be designed to make it search engine friendly. The website should be HTML based and not Flash Based. It must have a clear navigation. Don’t use frames, use CSS style sheets and use relevant keywords in content and tags. Make sure that your website passes the html validity test given on this link here http://validator.w3.org/ .

2. Key words play a most significant role in attracting the traffic. Thoroughly search for relevant keywords using keyword tools like Wordtracker or Google Adwords Keyword Tool. While doing so analyze the search volume and competition. Don’t always go for very competitive keywords. Take the middle way. Use a combination of highly competitive keywords and some less competitive but relevant keywords.

3. Writing keyword-rich content for your website is very important. Make sure that each page has good use of keywords but be careful as using them a lot will mar the readability from the site users’ perspective. You must do a good research while writing content as it is more important than website design. The content must be able to give all information that a user expects in simple and correct language. Also format the text properly so that it is appealing. Outsourcing your content writing is best way to save time rather than wasting time of writing articles or creating content by oneself. There are various sites through which you can post a project and invite bids from professional writers. Original and good articles can be created for as low as 1$ to $5 per article in these sites. Rentacoder.com, Scriptlance.com.

4. Meta tags are also very essential when talking about rankings. The two most important tags are title tag and description tag. Title tags must be catchy and description tag must be both descriptive and catchy. They must contain good keywords relevant to the web page. Title tag must be about 70 characters long and meta description tag must be between 150-200 characters.

5. You must also write informative articles related to your website theme and submit them to various article directories like Ezine articles, Article Base, etc. There are some free as well as paid article submission sites. This process helps to enhance the popularity of your link. If you create articles containing good educational and informative material, it will enhance the web presence and drive targeted traffic. To See the list of the best article directories click here.

6. In order to get your website indexed by popular search engines, you must submit your website on all popular search engines like Google, yahoo, MSN, Alta Vista and more. You must also submit your website in good directories and attain back links. Though once a major search engine indexes your web page all other major search engine automatically crawls your website and adds them to their search engines. If the content and site is good search engine cannot ignore your site as their success depends upon giving good search results to their users.

7. Attaining back links pointing to your website is important. You can do so by link exchange with various sites. Though this is not considered very valuable and useful by many search engines now. Internal linking of the website should also be intact. There should be no broken links. Site map also enhances internal linking. Site map is also required to make your website rank well. You must have a site map irrespective of the number of pages on your site. It should be linked to and from every web page. This strengthens the internal linking and help the search engine robots locate all pages of your site.